Services and Fees


I currently offer Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultations, which include intake, diagnosis, herb prescription, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Please note, the cost of herbs is not included and typically ranges from $20-$60 per week, although it can be more in certain cases. All services are available at full-price on a Pay-Per-Visit basis, or, if appropriate to your treatment goals, as a Discounted Pre-Paid Treatment Plan (see below for details).

• New Patient, 55-Minute Initial Consultation:  $350 All new patients, select this option.

• Established Patient, 25-Minute Follow-Up Consultation:  $175 A comprehensive follow-up visit for complex cases.

• Established Patient, 15-Minute Follow-Up Consultation:  $120 Regular follow-up for established patients.

• Payment Options

I offer several options for payment:

• Discounted Pre-Paid Treatment Plan: Pay in full at beginning of treatment plan: %20 off
Typically 8-15 visits. You can cancel the plan at any time, for any reason, no questions asked, and receive a refund of the unused portion of your plan. In addition, if after a number of treatments it becomes clear to me that I cannot help you, I will tell you so and refund the unused portion of your plan.

• Pay-Per-Visit: Pay for each visit individually at the time of service. No discount offered.

• How often and for how long do you need to come?

It is difficult to know what a person will need and/or want without consulting first, so I always discuss treatment planning towards the end of the initial consultation.

Length of treatment will largely depend on your treatment goals, so once that has been discussed I provide my best estimate as to how long it may take to achieve your goals. What you decide to do, however, is ultimately up to you. I provide my best recommendation, but you are in charge and make the final decision.

Frequency of visits. I typically see patients once per week at the beginning of treatment (average of 3-6 times), then every-other week for a period of time (1-12 months, for example), and then in some cases once per month for a time.

• Chinese Herbs

Root and Branch, has both a bulk-herb and granule-herb pharmacy for your convenience. They also provide a free, bulk-herb preparation service in which they cook the herbs and give them to you in re-usable, glass mason-jars. This is the only such service that I know of in Portland, and is an excellent option.

Chinese herbal medicine is often sufficient on its own to treat many health problems. That said, I am a big believer in a multi-disciplinary approach and I often refer patients to providers who can address other aspects of their condition.


I do not often provide acupuncture for my patients at this time as my current clinic space doesn't allow for me to do that, but I am planning to offer it soon. If you require and/or would like acupuncture, I can refer you to one of the many acupuncturists in the area.